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first post: Groenbech wrote: Hi,Is it possible to make the backup include passphrases for the wi...

Vista Crash

first post: MikeleSagitter wrote: Hi, I have a problem, program doesn't run on Vista, I don't know ho...

Vista Ultimate 32bit - Crash

first post: noams wrote: Running the program under administrator command prompt getting the ...

latest post: noams wrote: I downloaded the code and started debugging it, here are my finding...

XP Support

first post: swyatt wrote: Pretty slick, any idea how long it will take to support XP? It seem...

"Backup Wireless has stopped working"

first post: Travelcard wrote: Hi there Thanks for your software - it's a great idea. I've just d...

latest post: tamirk wrote: I did not check this. Creating work item

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